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Business Lokam Town-wise directory for all kinds of business
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Educate-A-Child Financial support for education of mentally retared children
Kochu Varthamaanam Open forum for malayalees in malayalam
Krithikal Malayalam short stories, jokes, cartoons, photogallery, ...
Chirichu Rasikaan Funny videos
Multi-Level Marketing Virtual network of MLM members from Kerala / India / NRI
Offers & Discounts Handmade, special products and services available from Kerala
Search in Kerala Search engine for Kerala based websites
Suhruthukkal Malayalee friendship community
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• TimePass : Krithikal19
• Joke : Krithikal13
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• Photo : Krithikal11

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Malapuram > PERINTHALMANNA : Mangalya Textiles & Readymades
Malapuram > MANJERY : PCM Jewellery
Kozhikode > KOZHIKODE : TipTop Travelite
Thrissur > THRISSUR : Imedia Advertising
Malapuram > MANJERY : Brothers Opticals

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• anastk85 : Fs?m? Bcpw H?en\n? F? F?p sXm?p?p AXp sIm?p ?Pm? s]mhpIbm\p On 06-Dec-12
• anastk85 : A{apX Cs?m? H?en\n? Ds On 06-Dec-12
• anastk85 : A{apbvl.... On 06-Dec-12
• anastk85 : kpKams\m On 06-Dec-12
• renchukamal : On 10-Oct-12
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