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If you own a website or you are a developer for any website that is intented for Keralites, then, add your website to our directory.

How to add your website?

  • Select a Banner Ad:

  • Copy and paste the following code (MALLUSITES.COM LISTNER SCRIPT) to the HTML source code of your webpage

    The webpage can be your website homepage (index.htm, index.html,etc.) or any static or dynamic pages (profile.php?pid=123, result.asp?user=xyz, etc.). Add this script to as many pages you have in your website to increase the PageRanking and thus push your site to the toppest level in search results.

  • Upload the webpages (with LISTNER SCRIPT included) to the webserver.
  • Once uploaded, each webpage that contains LISTENR SCRIPT will be listed in search results. click here to search
    Though the site is listed on the fly, manual verification process within 7-14days may block/delete your entry if it does not agree with the terms and conditions of the site.

    No guarantee that when or at what time site-crawler visits your webpage and capture the content. But sure does it at any moment! Once done you will be able to see your Site Title, Site Description, Site Content (portions) and Site Keywords(if any) in the search results.

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